You’re waiting at a red light here in the Woodbridge and Avenel, NJ area, and you look up and notice the oil change sticker on your windshield. You look at the mileage and realize that you’re well overdue for an oil change. We’ve all been there. And in our busy daily lives, getting your next oil change can easily seem like something you can afford to put off. However, keeping up with your oil changes is one of the most essential parts of car ownership. 

For years, experts have debated how often you need to get your oil changed. Luckily, with better technology and engineering than ever before, you don’t need an oil change as often as we used to think. While the old standard was a three-month interval between oil changes or roughly every 3,000 miles, the new rule is approximately every 6,000 miles, although it varies heavily by car.

While the recommended interval has expanded over recent years, thanks to better cars like the 2020 Genesis G80, some experts are going the opposite direction and recommending you get your oil changed every 1,000 miles. So, why would you change your oil more often? 

There are two main reasons: you aren’t making long enough trips at high enough speeds, and you don’t drive very far and are starting your car often. When you don’t drive long distances at high speeds, your engine doesn’t routinely get hot enough to boil off condensation. Furthermore, you wear out your engine more when starting your car. So, if you start your car a lot throughout the day, you’re causing more wear and tear. 

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide when and how often to get your oil changed. However, here at Genesis of Woodbridge, we’ve got the experts and the right tools to help you out. And we’ll be happy to help you figure out how often you should be changing your oil.