To us, at Genesis of Woodbridge, nothing is more important than regular automotive maintenance. However, after 50,000 miles what’s needed to maintain your vehicle changes drastically. Fortunately, when you visit our Genesis dealership in Avenel, NJ, we’ll ensure that your car is ready to take on the road well after it reaches that 50,000-mile mark.

Every 50,000 maintenance check is different. For some drivers, who have managed to keep up on their vehicle’s maintenance over the years, they may find that their car continues to run clean with very minimal repairs to be done. Unfortunately, failing to maintain your vehicle over the long term can result in a 50,000 maintenance check riddled with serious repairs. That said, there are some ways that you can ensure your vehicle continues to run smoothly well after this scheduled maintenance.

For one, we urge drivers to receive their oil changes on a regular basis. Receiving an oil change as soon as you’ve reached the mileage mark can ensure that your engine continues to run smoothly with little to no issues. Checking and swapping out your tires when their worn can also play a huge role in the overall lifespan of your car. On average, tires last anywhere around 12,000 to 15,000 miles, however, it is highly recommended that you change them out whenever the tread level is worn or low. We also recommend changing out your engine’s air filter once every 15,000 miles, that way your engine continues to get a clean channel of air improving long-term performance. Your battery also may require a bit of simple maintenance. By brushing away corrosion every few months, you can maintain the life of your battery and put off a costly replacement.

Just because your car is aging doesn’t mean it’s doomed to break down. With a skilled maintenance team by your side, you can ensure that your car is in it for the long haul. At Genesis of Woodbridge, we offer a wide variety of Genesis service specials that make maintenance easy. No matter if you’re odometer reading is close to 50,000 miles or 100,000, our team is here to help you continue to enjoy a top-notch driving experience.