At Genesis of Woodbridge, we specialize in bringing our customers the ultimate luxury dealership experience. We’re a leading Genesis dealership in the Avenel, NJ area and have earned a reputation for providing our customers with a wide range of services and automotive tips for both on the road and off.

One of the many things we remind our drivers of is roadside hazards. These hazards are numerous, ranging from the occasional pothole to the reckless driver. That said, being completely aware of these hazards can ensure that you can take to the road with better peace of mind.

Being local to the New Jersey area, we understand that weather can drastically affect road conditions, especially during the winter season. Before heading out, we always suggest you keep an eye on the weather forecast. Something as seemingly trivial like light snow can make for some treacherous driving if you’re not careful.

Of course, one of the most significant and common road hazards are other drivers, particularly reckless ones. Fortunately, Genesis has incorporated a plethora of near-futuristic safety features in their vehicles to preventively protect drivers from other drivers. Features like blind-spot detection will alert you when a driver is passing in your blind spots. Others, like automatic emergency braking, can even slow your vehicle before a collision to help mitigate damage and potentially avoid a crash altogether.

If you’re looking to take advantage of some of these next-level safety features, our team of skilled Genesis dealers will set you up with a comprehensive test drive of one of our new Genesis cars. At Genesis of Woodbridge, we’re proud of the vehicles we sell and are always looking forward to showing you just how Genesis protects their drivers on the road.