At Genesis of Woodbridge, you’ll be given the opportunity to work one on one with a Genesis dealer that is committed to helping you find the luxury car of your dreams. As a luxury car dealership, we understand that performance and comfort aren’t the only factors involved in car buying, safety plays a huge role as well.

When it comes to safety, Genesis designers and manufacturers aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops for drivers. Almost all of their vehicles are equipped with next-level safety technology that provides superior peace of mind, and can proactively protect drivers while on the road.

Of all the smart safety tech you can find in a Genesis, lane keep assist is one of the most innovative. Found in a wide variety of Genesis brand cars, lane keeps assist senses the lane lines and ensures your vehicle stays within these lines to prevent the dangers of lane drift.

Another great cutting edge safety feature found in Genesis models is blind-spot detection. This is a form of safety technology that uses cameras and sensors to detect when a car is passing in your blind-spot. The system will then alert the driver so that they can react accordingly. As a result, drivers can enjoy far greater awareness on the road.

While road safety is crucial, Genesis has also designed intuitive safety features for when you’re driving around town. One feature, known as automatic emergency braking, senses when a pedestrian crosses in front of your vehicle, and activates your brakes so as to avoid an accidental collision.

These are just a handful of the innovative safety features offered in the Genesis family lineup. If you’re looking to experience these features first hand, our auto dealers at Genesis of Woodbridge can get you behind the wheel of one of these new luxury cars, and show you the excellence and ingenuity behind every Genesis vehicle.