What should you expect from a top-notch Genesis dealership? At Genesis of Woodbridge, we believe what makes a great dealer isn’t just the cars on the lot, but also the steps to ensure their customers are completely satisfied. One of the ways we make that possible at Genesis of Woodbridge is by passing on our wealth of automotive knowledge.

Of all the pieces of information that we share with our customers, tire buying is listed near the top in terms of importance. Buying the right tires matters and makes a huge difference in your driving experience.

One thing to consider when purchasing tires in Avenel, NJ is what you expect for your tires to be able to do. While many of our drivers are looking for performance and speed above all things, the amount of weight your car can support is incredibly important. This factor is defined by the load index, and the higher that load index is, the more weight that your tires can endure. As you can probably tell, it is incredibly crucial that you purchase tires specifically rated for the weight of your vehicle.

The speed rating of a tire is an additional consideration. Genesis vehicles are often designed for performance and speed, and as such, owners should opt for a tire that can handle everything with ease. The higher the speed rating, the more heat and friction the tire can endure. As a result, performance cars should be fitted with tires with a substantial speed rating to prevent any issues.

These are just some of the factors that make up the tire buying process. When you visit Genesis of Woodbridge, our Genesis service team can delve even further into detail and walk you through the tire buying process to ensure you roll away on a set that is a perfect fit for you and your vehicle.